media relations


media relations: build credibility. influence audiences.
let the world know your story.


attention is good, the right attention is better

Having a reputable news source highlight your brand has been a focus of marketers for decades. And while integrated marketing strategies have evolved, media relations remains one of the most powerful and fundamental tools in your arsenal.


successful media relations is driven by craftspeople that:

  1. Understand the dynamic shift in how news is created and covered.
  2. Can craft the story to support your business and marketing goals.
  3. Have the relationships and insights to get your story in front of reporters.
  4. Know how to leverage publicity results across your owned and shared marketing platforms.


yes, there are challenges

Fewer beat reporters, and media consolidation are offset by more niche publications and a voracious appetite for news 24/7 to fill our mobile phones. So how do you get your fair share?

rbb’s media relations counselors start with thoughtful analysis of key issues, deep knowledge of your industry, and an understanding of what makes news. We are relentless and that means that we’ll always have new ideas to contribute to help you better tell your story and make your phone ring.