Crisis Hero

crisis+reputation management


reputation management for an unpredictable world
proven crisis communication outcomes when it matters most

proactive thinking is flexible thinking

Today, organizations must be prepared for the unexpected. Our unpredictable world poses risk for even the most transparent organizations. Virtually all news has reputational impact and the potential to become global in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

When stakes are the highest, rapid response and strategic counsel are critical to control the situation and emerge in a position of strength.


predictive communications is our bridge between crisis planning and response

Crisis situations are generally considered to be unanticipated, unpredictable and highly uncertain. But that’s not always the case. Using rbb’s data-driven analytics approach, it is possible to see issues emerging on the horizon, get ahead of them and mitigate impacts to reputation. rbb’s Reputation & Risk Advisors team is recognized for its decades of experience, cutting-edge digital acumen and outcomes-focused approach. We provide immediate strategic and tactical responsiveness through every stage of a situation.


we know crisis by heart

Almost four decades ago, rbb’s practice began with the successful management of an international crisis for a global company. Issues management is part of our agency DNA. We offer a full spectrum of crisis communications planning, positioning and protection to help companies, organizations and executives successfully weather any storm.


we focus on:

  • Proprietary Heptagon Audit System™
  • Race (Rapid Action Crisis Engagement)™
  • Issue-oriented campaigns
  • Litigation communications
  • Crisis training+simulation
  • Data-driven digital dashboards
  • Digital strategy
  • Long-term reputation recovery
  • Crisis plan creation/update