A Recipe for Pulling Together as a Region

Rather than teaching social distancing, COVID-19 is a lesson in how to support each other by creating social connections while maintaining distance. It’s a lesson Miami, Broward and Palm Beach need to embrace.  The counties […]


When faced with a crisis of the scale and magnitude of COVID-19, professional communication is key to staying on track. That’s why rbb offers daily briefings on the latest news surrounding the pandemic, featuring important […]

12 Tips for Telecommuting under COVID-19: Make sure your remote work strategy is a solution to the crisis, not the cause of a new one.

Telecommuting is certainly not a new concept or practice. Leading-edge organizations seeking to boost productivity, promote work-life balance, and amplify employee engagement have implemented remote work programs for years. While the approach doesn’t make sense […]

How to Communicate the News No One Wants to Hear: Layoffs in Time of Economic Crisis

We are entering the stage where many of our clients will find it necessary to conduct layoffs in order to streamline expenses or even survive until business returns to normal.  While good communications is always […]

A Cheerleader for UM, MS & rbb during the COVID-19 Outbreak

As publicists, it’s our duty to be our client’s biggest cheerleaders, no matter the situation. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has forced us all to step out of our comfort zones and provide crisis counsel during […]

Four P’s that Pay in Life Science

When speaking to a group of life science leaders at the BioFlorida conference recently, Rhys Williams from New World Angels said, “Patience, politeness, and persistence pays.“ It struck me so profoundly because not only were […]

Leadership By A Guy Named Ed

How do you define a leader?  Is it someone people are willing to follow?  I believe the best leaders don’t worry about how many people are behind them. They take action on an issue not […]

5 Takeaways from 2019’s #PRSAICON

When thousands of PR pros come together, what do you get? Not the setup for a clever punchline, last week in San Diego the answer was the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference (#PRSAICON).

Coming […]

Beware the Crisis Case Study

Looking for a crisis agency? Then you’ve probably seen some pretty compelling case studies—big name brands, major wins and encouraging outcomes. All bright, shiny and safe.

But, please know, it’s all baloney.

Case studies are a legitimate […]

The 6 Ingredients You Need for a Strong National Story

Getting a positive viral or a front-page feature story in a major publication, like the Washington Post or the New York Times, is said to be both a client’s and publicist’s dream. Not only is […]

When Doing Well Means Doing Good: Helping Hilton Clean the World

As integrated marketers, we should always strive to produce work that furthers our clients’ goals and ultimately improves their visibility and bottom line.

But what if you had the chance to do something bigger than that? […]

Changing The Digital Game

It’s no surprise that digital trends are constantly changing and some brands are aggressively paving the way we use online platforms. This month, we’re highlighting some outstanding tech pioneers who are innovating and revolutionizing new […]

Four Tips to Make You a Science Communications Pro this Conference Season

‘Tis the Season. Not the season of jingle bells and holly jolly – but the season of scientific innovation. It’s the time of year where the greatest minds in scientific research convene to discuss the […]

Remote Flexibility is the Key to Happy Employees—Trust Us

This story was co-written by Angelica Martinez.

A few years ago, this newfangled concept of “telecommuting” or working from home became a popular subject of discussion, but was met with some disbelief. Today, remote work continues […]

You’re Probably Not Ready for the Risk Most Likely to Impact Your Organization

While South Florida enjoys many advantages, there are vulnerabilities that come with being a world-class, international metropolis situated at the end of a peninsula. Most businesses are prepared for familiar weather-associated threats like hurricanes, but […]