communication with culture at its center  


Hispanic consumers increasing influence on brand growth

There is powerful currency for brands in connecting with multicultural audiences, especially U.S. Hispanics who represent 19% of our country’s population today. Embracing their influence can be an essential key to new revenue growth.   

Many companies have attempted multicultural and Hispanic marketing programs and within a short time abort efforts. They see the task as complex and challenging – given language, region or culture nuances – and of questionable value to dedicate the necessary resources and spend to effectively reach them.  

However, by size and influence, this group can be well worth the pursuit. A strategic, consistent and focused campaign can create an emotional connection between your audience and your brand that directly impacts the bottom line. 

rbb can demystify this audience opportunity because our team members trace their roots from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Latin America.   

We understand this audience and their preferences. How? By combining our communications expertise, integrated services and knowledge of Hispanic culture and communities, we can help you reach new untapped consumers who are younger, digitally-forward and typically more brand loyal than non-Hispanic consumers. 


going beyond “Se Habla Español”

The days of using one unified message for all are gone and simply translating copy is not the fastest or effective route to the hearts or wallets of Hispanic consumers.  Whether in Spanish 0r English, in Miami, San Antonio, East LA, Chicago or beyond, rbb’s Hispanic Marketing team knows the most efficient mediums and platforms to successfully engage this audience and deliver measurable results.  

It’s about respect. It’s about adapting existing assets or developing new resources and partnerships based on cultural and digital intelligence that will effectively connect you with this audience and speak to them in ways that matter.

Our support can also extend beyond the U.S. with experienced agency partners throughout the Caribbean and Latin America as well as around the globe. Wherever you or your consumers are, rbb is there too.