brand strategy


brand strategy 
analysis and action that moves people

We champion your brand so you stand apart. And we do it in a flexible custom way, because each brand is powerfully different with specific needs, unique sectors and complex audiences.

win hearts and minds

Branding is at its core about emotional connections. While data and rational thought are critical to brand architecture, moving audiences to act requires much, much more.

Like falling in love, building a brand relationship should be magical.

what do you stand for?

the power of the Brand Footprint

Creating a brand strategy begins at the end: What is the impression you leave behind as you interact with stakeholders?

Our “Brand Footprint” becomes the road map by which all visual and written communications are created and operations are measured. How do you build a brand to leave a unique and powerful mark?

rbb’s Brand Footprint strategies make it easy.

Brand Footprint strategy session

What’s the imprint your brand leaves behind? rbb’s proprietary Brand Footprint process allows you to decide how to leave your mark on audiences.

First, we collect insights. No worries, if you don’t have a nice binder of leadership surveys, brand research, competitor audits and audience data, we can build it for you.

Second, we grade your communications arsenal and compare it to your competition as well as stakeholder expectations.

Third, our counselors present recommendations in a working session with your leadership to reach consensus.

The end result is your communications roadmap, a blueprint that not only communications, but operations can follow so the entire organization speaks with one voice.

Oh, and we do it all in about 90 days.