public relations


public relations: great storytelling builds emotional connections between brands and audiences


communications on our mind, PR in our heart

In 2015 we changed our name from rbb Public Relations to rbb Communications. It wasn’t because we stopped doing PR, but because we started doing much more to build emotional connections between brands and audiences. But in our DNA, there’s a PR perspective that adds value to every tool in our kit, whether it’s digital, social, influencer marketing, reputation management, advertising, brand strategy and more. The PR craftspeople at rbb are storytellers, message crafters, stakeholder analysts and above all client counselors.

While rbb starts with the business challenge and then pulls the right communication levers to achieve success, every effort starts with a compelling message. PR counselors own the brand story and are responsible for keeping it fresh and applying it consistently. PR tactics amplify messages, reinforce brand and influence audiences.

And in the end, everyone wants great PR.

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