Why Only Some Ads Drive ROI (And Why Most Don’t)

Social, search and mobile are building up more and more steam every day, like a freight train headed downhill – an unstoppable force, showing no signs of slowing down.

These days, the online marketplace is congested, overcrowded, […]

How Consumers Choose a Health Care Institution

While working on a health care account, we conducted research on how people choose a health care provider or hospital. We found that when it comes to their health, consumers consider several factors and take […]

Snapchat is growing up – what this means for brands and users

Snapchat is breaking into the mainstream as its crowd matures. Specifically, 38 percent of smartphone users between the ages of 25 and 34 are now on Snapchat, and 14 percent of smartphone users ages 35+ […]

Luring Business With Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm. It’s the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. In less than a week since its launch, people are already spending more time playing Pokémon GO than using […]

What makes an entrepreneur successful?

I recently appeared on “South Florida Entrepreneurs on Fire.” This podcast asks leaders to share their business insights and personal experiences, and hopes to capture the essence of entrepreneurship.

What makes an entrepreneur successful? How do you […]

How to Manage a Company Blog in 8 Steps

This story was co-written by Christine de la Huerta

We’ve previously discussed the reasons and benefits for starting a blog for your company. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty: How do you actually steer this […]

5 Reasons Your Company Should Have a Blog

This story was co-written by Rafael Sangiovanni

It’s become common wisdom that blogging is good for individuals, companies and organizations. But it’s like drinking enough water – you know you’re supposed to do it, but do you really […]

Finding the True Value in Influencer Campaigns

This story was co-written by Maite Velez-Couto

There has been a lot of controversy in recent months surrounding the value influencers bring to brands. At the heart of the conversation? The issue of transparency and their actual […]

Civic engagement: The ultimate multitasking business tool

PR is a 24/7 business that requires juggling many different projects at once, but this year rbb Communications’ CEO Christine Barney demonstrated her masterful ability to multitask, serving as Chair of the Greater Miami Chamber […]

5 habits to build to become a thought leader

A thought leader is a person who not only contributes to a conversation, but drives it forward with new ideas, new insight and a unique perspective, eventually becoming a trusted voice in his or her […]

3 tips for preparing for a TV interview

There’s nothing natural about being on television.

It’s awkward, the lights can be hot, and you’re expected to look directly into the camera (if you’re remote) or at the reporter (if you’re in-studio or on the […]

The recipe for paid digital marketing success

In 2015, companies’ spend on social media marketing jumped 33.5 percent to $23.6 Billion. If you aren’t one of the 76 percent of marketers investing in paid social, it’s time to jump on board – […]

Great things are happening at OutOfTheBlue

If you’ve seen Mad Men, you would have a pretty good idea of how advertising agencies were back in the ‘60s. Spring forward to 2016 and we know that what many advertising agencies are today […]

April Fools’ Day Jokes: Winners, Losers and How to Get it Right

Have you been pranked today? Every year on April 1, companies across every sector do their best to fool the public.

Today, Florida State University Seminoles and University of Florida Gator wondered how these two rival […]

Living beyond the hype: What’s next for Cuba’s tourism industry?

This story was co-written by Julie Jimenez.

Regardless of political/human rights issues, travel to Cuba is opening up more and more each day.

With news of the first U.S. hotel brand officially entering Cuba, some questions still […]