Lauren Bernat, Vice President & Partner, rbb Communications|Mar 22, 2024

The Apple Vision Pro (APV) represents a groundbreaking leap into the future of technology. As someone fortunate enough to experiment with e-commerce on this revolutionary device, I’ve been blown away by their innovation and potential. These apps offer immersive and interactive experiences that redefine online shopping and a new way of computing.  

From perusing J. Crew’s newest spring collection within the context of a 360-degree European street ambiance to Alo’s tranquil meditative jungle setting complete with the soothing sounds of water in the rainforest, the APV transports users to captivating worlds. Shoppers can explore curated collections and mix and match outfit combinations interactively and at life-size scale with 3D mannequins. With intuitive hand gestures and eye movements, you can rotate, zoom in, or even simulate product usage, enhancing the experience. In the case of J. Crew, I was able to scrutinize the texture and quality of materials like never before by bringing a piece of clothing or accessory so up close to my face, examining the product’s intricate weaves, textures, folds, creases, and dyes in detail unlike a flat, 2d webpage. 

E-Commerce Through a Brand-New Lens
J. Crew Shopping Experience
E-Commerce Through a Brand-New Lens
Alo Shopping Experience

Other industries are also jumping “in” board. Brands like Crumbl Cookie are embracing this technology by offering unique experiences like custom cookie ordering via drag and drop to build your own cookie box. Within Crumbl, you can browse their weekly cookie flavors and curate custom packs of cookies for delivery at your chosen date and time.

Week's Flavors
Crumbl Cookie Ordering Experience

Lowe’s Style Studio revolutionizes the home improvement experience by immersing users in a virtual kitchen space, empowering them to be able to design their ideal culinary haven. The app offers a spatial environment where you begin by selecting an overall design aesthetic – think modern, minimalist, etc. Afterward, you have the freedom to adjust every element of the room, ranging from countertops to accessories. With a simple gaze at a faucet, swiping left or right through various options, you can personalize a wide array of real-world materials, fixtures, and appliances all saved to a mood board that can be easily referenced or shared amongst friends and family.

With an abundance of products and style trends on the market, one can feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to start or how to convey their desired aesthetic. Having recently undergone a kitchen renovation myself, I enjoyed the software’s ability to visualize various combinations. But I look forward to future integration across brands for seamless mixing and matching of items to ensure complete customization. #WishfulThinking

Crumbl Cookie Kitchen
Lowe’s Style Studio

Although these applications boast remarkable features, they come with challenges such as the high cost of the AVP and the necessity for brands to embrace the technology. Nevertheless, the future of e-commerce on the AVP appears bright, offering companies the chance to craft unique, memorable experiences in the ever-changing digital world. And to think, we’re only one month into this journey, yet I’m biting into the Crumbl Cookie I just ordered while sitting on the moon.


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