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Help Primrose Schools successfully engage a broader audience of potential franchisees – business leaders and entrepreneurs - to expand their bench of Franchise Owners in select target markets.

Break-Out Strategy

Enlightened Approach: Utilize agency tools to quickly understand market specific conditions and ensure our work would resonate with audiences. Armed with research and media insights, our team created a communications blueprint and messaging that would enable Primrose Schools to stand out amidst countless childcare related headlines and effectively put the Primrose franchise opportunity in front of target audiences.

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Tackling as an Integrated Team

  • Paid media used a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn and Search targeting to produce quality leads and impressions, while PR activity focused on building brand awareness among key business audiences in growth markets.


Results = Client Growth

  • The program’s initial success prompted Primrose to add additional markets to our franchise development campaign and expand our work to help them reach the real estate community to expand their site options.
  • Additionally, our team was so in-tune with current industry issues that Primrose asked us to tackle another project – help shape and promote their role in the nation’s Build Back Better conversation.



Media Hits


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Digital Impressions

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