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Help increase awareness of the BurgerFi brand to support corporate expansion plans. Spotlight the BurgerFi difference in the QSR sector’s sea of sameness, maximize restaurant openings and drive engaging headlines to attract a continuous base of new customers.

Break-Out Strategy

Educate: BurgerFi 101

  • Growth and Success
  • Commitment to Craft and Hospitality
  • Appreciation for a Better Burger


Experience – Make It Tasty

  • Hands-On, In-Store Activations
  • In-store Events, Media/Influencer Dining
  • “Fi on the Fly” Surprise and Delights


Entice – Burgers in Bellies

  • Trial Through Limited Time Offers, Trackable UTMs
  • Supporting Content, Menu Spotlights and Promotions
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Spotlight New Restaurants

  • Regional Market Media Outreach with a custom communications arsenal that garners the right coverage in the right outlets to drive customer traffic and franchise inquiries.
  • Local-influencer engagement to create brand ambassadors that reaches new audiences.

Create Juicy Headlines

  • Develop an annual Editorial Calendar to guide a steady drumbeat of coverage that include key brand messages.



Total Media Impressions


Total Media Placements


Feature Story Coverage


Annual KPIs Met within Six Months