Andretti Global Image 1


Refine the visual identity for Andretti Global branding to bolster its presence in global Formula 1 and attract top-tier sponsors. rbb was challenged to elevate the Andretti brand and develop a captivating narrative to optimize both financial returns and brand recognition, ensuring maximum impact in the competitive motorsports landscape.

Breakout Strategy

Our strategy centered on three pillars:

UNIFY: To bring all the Andretti Autosport brands, teams, personnel, and values together and act as the North Star of the Andretti Universe.

ADVANCE: Create an opportunity for Americans to engage on a new global motorsports stage and elevate the entire world of racing.

SPARK A MOVEMENT: Build something that the racing world will be proud of and will support.

Andretti Global Brand


We created a comprehensive brand identity that was flexible and powerful enough to support the Andretti Global brand across its entire ecosystem from core values and tone of voice to its design system, and relatable to both internal and external audiences.