Celebration in Titanic


Celebrity Cruises decided to institute a new organizational model to implement their marketing and advertising programs at the local level in major cities across the U.S. and Canada. They placed media/promotional decisions in the hands of 10 regional marketing managers, who resided, operated and worked in their own markets. Become expert consultants in client’s marketing initiative as well as pricing, promotions and legal disclaimers necessary for each respective promotion while acting as brand champions and conforming with Celebrity’s global guidelines.

Break-Out Strategy

Localize marketing initiatives, and tailor them to the needs of the trade and consumer audiences in each of these major market cities (San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Toronto).

Software Engineeres


  • Use brand guidelines to produce everything from magazine & print ads, digital banners, outdoor & indoor billboards, promotional displays, and even animated stadium ribbons and bus wraps
  • Develop in-house data and IT systems for organization, which allowed for economies of scale and easy cross-referencing
  • Develop a procedural manual for marketing managers to use, including timetables and turnaround times, in requesting production work from us and train each new marketing manager on the process
  • Produce a quarterly newsletter communication to all market managers and internal marketing team, which showed samples of work in each market that was especially impactful, successful and unique



Received rave reviews from the team for developing the newsletter, and also a searchable, protected database of work that each manager can access to get ideas of other flyers, ads, events, etc.



in year-over-year business



in unaided brand awareness YOY



in brand consideration YOY



in consumer brand preference YOY