Marlon LeWinter|Jan 4, 2016

“Yes, that is really my last name.”

If WABC-TV’s star meteorologist Amy Freeze had a dime for the amount of times she gets this question, you can bet her four kids would be rolling in gifts year-round.

In between her morning workout, getting her kids off to school, making a delicious “always gotta kick-start my day” breakfast and engaging with her 50.4k followers on Twitter (@amyfreeze7) and 16.1k followers on Instagram (@amyfreeze), the talented and vibrant Freeze was kind enough to take 30 minutes to speak with @rbbcommunications about life of a TV journalist.

“Relationships are everything” was something Freeze reiterated throughout her talk. “You need to understand what we as the media look for.”

Here is where rbb Communications earns its keep and what makes us different. When we say we KNOW the media, it’s not an understatement – our relationships with the media are second to none – and it’s not just here in Miami. It’s EVERYWHERE.

It’s not uncommon for one of our executives to have lunch with a TV producer or grab a drink after work with a journalist – and trips to NYC or LA happen so frequently, you would think that we are permanently based there.

These relationships go beyond just a media list. It’s that personal touch, enabling our team to know exactly who to call and what they look for.

What about social media? We asked Freeze how important it is to have an online voice. She said, “A re-tweet may have more value to your client than a quick TV mention – once that brand mention takes place the segment is over, re-tweets live on.”

Hmm. Social media. Just another area where rbb distinguishes ourselves from others. No one understands how people consume their media and who is making the biggest impact in the social space better than Digital Park.

Running a program that touches mommy bloggers? Let us introduce you to THE most impactful and influential ones out there. Looking for couples who love to travel, yet crave adventure? No problem, we can easily get you in front of some adventurous couples who will get you so FIRED UP that you will want to go on your own weekend adventure. And that’s just a small sample of what rbb’s Digital Park team can bring to your business.

Speaking of which, we also asked Freeze about pitching best practices from a journalist’s perspective.

“Know your audience,” she said. “When you pitch, tell ME why you think it will not just benefit your client – but how it will benefit me. Do your research.”

Is it a coincidence that rbb already does literally everything that Freeze suggested? No, because we truly understand our client’s needs, we anticipate what they look for and we aren’t afraid to be creative and think outside the box. We spend just the right amount of time doing the proper research to ensure not only our client is on cloud nine, but also when the media we are pitching continues to work with us more and more. Because the real “win” is when everyone is happy.

Great advice from one of the true talents in the business. By the way, Amy, is that really your last name?


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