Josh Merkin VP, Partner & Corporate Communications Practice Leader|Jun 4, 2024

AI is quickly being adapted for use across business communications and marketing as well as numerous other corporate functions.  While certainly helpful in expediting some tasks, since AI tools use existing information and ideas, relying on these to create authentic content is problematic, especially for anything related to thought leadership.   

Originality and storytelling are two of the most important elements in thought leadership.  This is how you stand out from the pack and get your audience to engage and buy into your ideas.  Currently, Chat GPT has more than 180 million users alone. That’s not even considering the plethora of other AI tools such as Google Gemini.   

With so many people relying on these tools to potentially generate content, think of the opportunity that exists for those willing to find their own unique voice and position.  This isn’t to say that ChatGPT, etc. can’t provide inspiration, but breaking out of a sea sameness should be the goal.  


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