Amelia Gomez|Jul 20, 2018

The customer is always right has never had more meaning than in the era of social media and online reviews. In fact, everyday people now play an important role in shaping brands and products.

We’re putting the spotlight on the critical role of consumer influence, and how keen listening is imperative for brands to meet their needs, desires and demands.



Transformational Travel with all the Comforts

Wanderlusters continue to seek immersive travel moments. But don’t be fooled.  While consumers are “willing to pay more for bare-bone, yet transformative experiences,” modern travelers aren’t as willing to compromise too much comfort.

Staying with brands that allow them to feel better about themselves while on the road is also a priority. These factors continue to influence the rise of travel categories including Glamping and programs like Hilton’s Travel With Purpose. (via SkyWord)


People Turning to WhatsApp For News Sharing to Avoid Facebook Drama

WhatsApp is quickly becoming the go-to news-sharing source, according to a recent report. Consumers – especially younger ones – are turning to the encrypted app over sites like Facebook and Twitter to avoid the confrontation that can come with sharing current events online.

The concern with inadvertently sharing “fake news” hitting social media feeds is also a factor in the platform shift. (via Reuters)


rbb dear future dads

Dove Shifts Attention To Dads With Paternity Leave Campaign

Kicked off with a touching video, Dove seamlessly went from winning over moms to speaking to the hearts of dads with its new #DearFutureDads campaign. Instead of making its Men+Care line the hero of the spots, the brand focused on championing greater access to paternity leave policies as a more meaningful way to connect with men.

The launch, which was perfectly timed with Father’s Day, introduced an online hub of resources for dad, original research, and a mission statement, which invites companies and global and local advisors to join the movement, showing true commitment to the cause. (via TheDrum)

“What Happens In Vegas” Changes Its Meaning To Get With The Times

The popular phrase, notoriously associated with Sin City’s party town reputation, is taking on a new meaning.

For its new ad campaign, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority listened to travelers and what they wanted from their Vegas experience: a more modern version of adult freedom, choice and empowerment.

The heartwarming spot, which has driven 18MM organic posts and 24 MM impressions since May, features two women falling in love in Vegas before realizing they wanted to continue their love story in the city. (via AdWeek)


rbb-blue origin rocket ship

Jeff Bezos Sets His Eyes (and Wallet) On “Space Tourism”

Becoming the world’s richest man, bringing Alexa’s AI convenience to hotel rooms, shipping within hours of ordering on Amazon… Jeff Bezos’ drive clearly has no limits. His next frontier? Outer space. Taking a cue from the fact that people prefer experiences over material things, Bezos’ latest start-up, Blue Origin, seeks to make “space tourism” within reach for the average, adventure-seeking joe.

And it may happen sooner than we think possible. The new spaceflight brand recently announced its plan to sell tickets beginning next year in a quest to beat competitors like SpaceX. (via Fortune)


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