Christine Barney|Jan 13, 2011

I was fortunate to be asked to be the guest blogger for the week of January 16 for PRWeek, a dominant industry publication. That meant coming up with three topics that would be somewhat evergreen since they had to be done in advance. But when you can talk about anything, sometimes nothing comes to mind.

So I started to think about topics that inspire and settled upon three words: love, winning (no Charlie Sheen references anymore, please) and ROI. At least one of these words will resonate with almost everyone.

Once I had the subjects down, the blogs just wrote themselves. The result was:

  • “Why Winning Awards is More Than Just an Ego Trip” – Discover how award-mania leads to a culture of insight and innovation, as well as trophies.
  • “Love the One You’re With” – A discussion about why we should show our current clients the same love we give new prospects.
  • “Internal Communications Boosts Marketing ROI” – See why internal communications isn’t just for employees anymore.

I’ll provide some quick insights into each blog as they appear starting on Monday and hope you’ll chime in.


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