Rafael Sangiovanni|Sep 22, 2016

In the realm of digital marketing, news and trends are always changing and shifting, which begs the question: What does this mean for marketers?

We’ll help you answer some of those questions with our ongoing Digital Digest. Starting now!

Journalists are getting more social

AdWeek reports that social media usage among journalists increasing, up 34% since 2013. They’re embracing social as they comfort zone for four main reasons: Publishing, promoting, networking and – arguably the most important – monitoring.

Knowing this changes the dynamic of how we should interact with journalists online. To that end, Cision categorized U.S. journalists into five categories – read on for more.

Why some ads drive ROI, but most don’t

Social, search and mobile are building up more and more steam every day, like a freight train headed downhill – an unstoppable force, showing no signs of slowing down.

The more saturated the digital ad market gets, the more noisy it becomes, which makes it incredibly challenging for your brand to earn a like, snag a click, or drive a sweepstakes sign-up – and get ROI.

So where does this leave us? How does a brand break through the clutter and actually get noticed in this overpopulated online ad market? Read on to find out.

Facebook, Instagram see the future of video marketing

Facebook and Instagram have seen the writing on the (social) wall, and it’s covered in video. As more people use “live” video on Facebook and Instagram embraces the algorithm, brands need to take a closer look at their content strategy.

In a way, this helps re-establish the industry standard of video production quality. Everyone can get in the game, and brands and influencers can capitalize by riding the wave of increased reach (and more efficient paid buys) with the right use of video.

Not all video campaigns are created equal. How can yours succeed? Read on.


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