Ana Marquez|Apr 1, 2015

Last month I attended Hispanicize 2015, the country’s largest conference of U.S. Latino influencers and trendsetters.  While I was there, I caught up with Latina Magazine Executive Editor, Shirley Velasquez.

Shirley, who formed part of a roundtable discussion made up of the nation’s most powerful Latina journalists, agreed to a quick Q&A on timely topics — from the power of the Latino vote to what brands need to know when speaking to them.

Some highlights from our video interview:

  • Marketers shouldn’t underestimate the voting and buying power of Latinas — in fact they may even hold the key to the 2016 presidential election
  • The marketing effect of positive Latina role models on TV, such as Gina Rodriguez from the CW show ‘Jane the Virgin’
  • Pretending to know their language isn’t going to resonate with this audience
  • Smart brands are investing in how to authentically speak to Latinas through integrated marketing while also understanding what makes them tick
  • As far as channels to reach Latinos, they are one of the most mobile-savvy populations (Roughly four out of five younger Latinos are relying on the use of social media as their primary source for news)

Watch my full interview here to learn more:

rbb Q&A with Shirley Velasquez Latina Magazine Executive Editor


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