Rafael Sangiovanni|Mar 9, 2016

Many companies hire a spokesperson to tell a brand or company’s story. Why? Because customers are more likely to forge a connection with people. But there’s another way to interact with customers and engage them: using an animated brand mascot in the digital world.

Since I started with rbb Communications, I’ve been involved with managing the digital presence of several beloved “spokescreatures,” including Mrs. Butterworth’s and the Vlasic Stork. It’s a lot like acting, not just in that us social spokescreatures need to be authentic and believable, but also in that we must make the experience for customers or users seamless.

It’s something that requires a lot more planning, strategy and management than you’d think. And it’s fun.

That’s why I was especially excited to write about this very topic in the March 2016 edition of O’Dwyer’s.

Click here to read, and enjoy this peek behind the curtain of spokescreatures!

Boosting your brand with social media spokescreatures


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