Feb 21, 2017

During my morning media monitoring not too long ago, I came across an article about the most/least stressful jobs in 2017.  Sure enough, my suspicion panned out – a public relations role made the top 10 list.

It may seem that I’m sharing this fun fact to gain your sympathy. Instead, I want to talk about how rewarding our line of work is – making the “stress” worthwhile. Us PR pros actually thrive in the fast-paced environment where our passion (and caffeine consumption) fuel us to accomplish some pretty neat things. (Yes, we also rank high on the heaviest coffee-drinking professions list.)


To keep with the list theme, here are seven reasons why a career in communications is not only valuable, but downright:


1. It makes you smarter

At rbb I’m fortunate enough to tap into the wealth of knowledge the senior-level staff and partners have at any given time. We truly have an impressive group of professionals at our office, and the opportunity to follow their lead has allowed me to develop a better understanding of this industry. I also find myself learning about subjects and industries I would have never imagined (e.g., professional employer organizations, supply chains, hotel management). That being said, you’ll definitely want to call dibs on the PR pro for your Trivial Pursuit team.


2. It keeps you on your toes (literally) 

In the PR world, you can bank on something new coming at you every day, meaning there’s never a dull moment! One day can entail helping a client navigate a crisis and the next can be spent driving across town to ensure they’re prepared for a live TV interview. Those interested working in PR should expect the unexpected and be flexible as our morning to-do lists sometimes fall to the wayside due to urgent, priority assignments that arise throughout the day.sawgrass

On Black Friday 2016, I was at Sawgrass Mills at 4 a.m. to facilitate media interviews on property. You better believe I had coffee in hand!thespot

I was also involved in the creation of “The Haute Spot” at Sawgrass Mills – the most desirable parking space in South Florida located inside the mall’s new 1,700 space parking garage. The spot was embellished with more than 100,000 Swarovski crystals by local artist Jonathan Stein, aka “Lord of the Bling.”

3. It is people-driven 

My job has given me countless opportunities to network and build relationships with my spirited co-workers, clients, members of the media (news anchors, print journalists, bloggers), and even celebrities! During a press conference we coordinated for our client Virgin Voyages last year, I had the chance to shake Sir Richard Branson’s hand. You know, just your typical day in the office…love

rbb has been nationally-recognized for its employee-driven workplace. This snap was taken at our speed dating social that allowed for everyone in our fast-growing office to mingle and get to know each other better.friends

rbb believes in investing in the professional development of its employees. The firm made it possible for me to attend a meet and greet with other PR/Marketing professionals at the South Florida Business Journal office in Brickell.Los Pichy Boys, our local Latin influencers, stopped by the office to discuss future collaborations, and of course, monkey around during business hours.

Los Pichy Boys, our local Latin influencers, stopped by the office to discuss future collaborations, and of course, monkey around during business hours.

4. It can be fancy and fun 

Confession: I love dressing up. My job has presented me with plenty event invites that require me to throw on a pair of heels and some lipstick, whether it be for events the agency had a role in planning or ones intended to support our partners. The industry is not all glitz and glam, like movies may portray. But working hard warrants playing hard too, and us rbb-ers know how to unwind and have a good time.rbb

rbb-ers at the CCNN Media Excellence Awards at Christopher Columbus High School to support local media being recognized.

5. It gives you skills, lots of them 

The writing, speaking, organizational skills and confidence you gain in this industry can be applied to any line of work as well as your daily life interactions. I happen to be planning a wedding at the moment and can confidently say that the event programming experience gained from my job will drastically lessen the chances of me transforming into a…


6. It keeps you in the know 

Working in this industry requires you to be aware of what’s going on in the world as it’s our job to insert our client into the news of the day. As a result, you’re simply more informed on current events, which also helps you sound more intelligent. This awareness usually takes the form of being glued to your phone, but let’s be real, who isn’t these days?


7. It is purposeful 

In PR we essentially help bridge a gap by helping our clients reach their target audience with an important message, and it’s quite fulfilling to know that your writing, strategic thinking and media outreach efforts play a role in that. I remember how accomplished I felt securing my first Associated Press story on behalf of my client Engage PEO. The CEO was featured in the story, helping small business owners navigate through minimum wage changes. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the bread and butter of what we do, even though my grandmother (bless her heart) still thinks I’m a broadcast reporter for a living.


In case you were wondering, PR was also in the “Jobs that are impossible to explain to your parents” list, but hopefully they’re enlightened after you share this blog post with them.

For anyone interested in plunging into a rewarding career in communications, rbb is hiring! Click here to view available positions.


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