rbb|Aug 31, 2017

This post was written by Caro Bunge and Sofia Estevez.

An internship holds the power to sharpen your skill set and strengthen your adaptability.

Sadly, our time as interns at rbb Communications has come to a close, but we’d like to leave our newly-found knowledge behind in the form of six tips.

1. Everything has a solution

Internships are an introduction to the real world; they’re designed for learning. Therefore, challenges are bound to arise, some larger than others. Remaining optimistic is vital.

Let’s say you’re monitoring coverage for a client and a tsunami of results comes barreling toward you. Suddenly, you’re drowning. Have no fear, you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by highly capable professionals, or in this case, your life preservers.

There’s a solution to every obstacle. You will not be presented with anything you can’t handle, but you’re guaranteed to handle things best with a smile and resourcefulness.

2. Find those moments to confidently speak up

As soon as you start off at rbb, you will be thrown into every meeting, brainstorm, call, etc. At first, these interactions can be intimidating.

It is important to remember that your input is as respected as anyone else’s. So, do not hesitate to speak up when you find the chance.

While participating in a brainstorm, we contributed ideas to a client’s campaign. Throughout the brainstorm, the final idea was built from something we inspired.

We later saw the concept come full-circle when we were invited to take part in research. We learned how important it is to not hold back and give your all.

3. Collaborate with your coordinators

Working hand-in-hand with superiors allowed us to tailor our internships and, in turn, take full advantage of our time at rbb.

For Caro: After expressing an interest in PR to Sloane Fistel, senior account executive and intern coordinator extraordinaire, she activated me on several different PR-related assignments and notified others of my willingness to contribute.

For Sofia: As a digital services intern, this opened the door to an entirely new arena, providing exposure to hands-on experience in both the digital and PR spectrums.

4. Don’t say “no”

Like every new intern in the office, everybody awaits the moment to work with you. Remember, no matter how daunting a task may seem, all of this is a learning experience.

We learned a great deal from people with skills in all different aspects of communications. Through their example and guidance, we were able to foster skills we did not know were part of our toolbelts.

We knew saying “no” would put us at a disadvantage. By accepting any opportunity that came our way, we had the chance to partake in two events at Frost and tour NBC6-WTVJ studios. Both were unique features of an rbb internship.

Seeking out and accepting those opportunities will always contribute to growth. At rbb, those challenges are met with mentorship, which is an incredibly valuable asset to a successful internship.

5. There is no such thing as over-communication

In addition to the mention of mentoring, be aware that its value increases according to the level of communication you have with those giving you assignments.

You will receive multiple to-do’s a day, that means you have multiple chances to communicate. This is a window for asking questions, asking for elaboration and clarification, or even for more assignments.

We would advise to never worry about sending that extra email. In our experience, everyone appreciates when a mentee asks for advice.

Communication at rbb is never met with negativity. Here, everyone wants to help and ultimately leave a footprint on your experience.

6. Make an effort to get to know your coworkers

Yes, it’s intimidating entering a new workplace, especially if it’s your first internship, but communicating with coworkers (not necessarily regarding work-related topics) can drastically ease your nerves.

Ask about their weekend. Order lunch together. Carpool. The little things add up. Before you know it, you’ll be watching James Corden videos during breaks and sharing silly stories. This internship was intensive and highly hands-on, but it was also filled with laughter.

Concentrating on your professional performance is the priority, but building genuine relationships develops a second home.

Join the rbb team for the semester of a lifetime.


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