Laura Guitar|Jan 17, 2018

rbb Communications recently launched a new division—Reputation & Risk Advisors—that is focused on issues, crisis and reputation management. The question we keep getting is: Why now?

It’s true that rbb has provided crisis and issues management support to its clients since the agency’s inception. In fact, we cut our teeth managing an international crisis for a global oil and gas company several decades ago. So, what difference does a division make?

The world has fundamentally changed. Risk is increasing and reputational impact is understood to have very real bottom line consequence. Rapid issues response is a necessity. A greater number of companies are seeking experienced counsel and, as communications practitioners, we owe it to them to ensure our skills, resources and abilities are fully aligned with the current state of play.

Our Reputation & Risk Advisors division allows us to focus our efforts in a new way and hold ourselves accountable to the highest industry standards.

In an uncertain world, organizations must establish the strongest position from which to ride the waves and weather the storm. I had an opportunity to outline our perspective in American City Business Journal on why issues and crisis preparation, strategy and management matter now more than ever.

Read my thoughts on the indicators that are going to make 2018 the Year of the Crisis, including digitally-driven news coverage, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and workplace equity.


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