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In today’s crisis-oriented environment, organizations must be prepared for the unexpected or face threats from issues that spiral out of control. When stakes are the highest, rapid response is critical to controlling the situation and emerging on top.

Reputation & Risk Advisors, a division of rbb Communications, provides immediate responsiveness through every stage of a crisis situation. We focus on crisis preparedness, issue-oriented campaigns, litigation communications, and programs to mitigate risk and reputational impact including guidance during M&A transactions.  We offer a full spectrum of communications planning, positioning and protection to help companies successfully weather the storm.

The Reputation & Risk Advisors team is recognized for its solid experience, digital acumen and outcomes-focused approach. In fact, we cut our teeth managing an international crisis for a global oil and gas company several decades ago.

During times of change, we protect and strengthen reputations through rapid internal and external information gathering, compelling narrative creation, streamlined program execution, and timely response.

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Crisis Preparedness

The best crisis management happens before it’s ever needed. Getting ahead of potentially damaging issues is key to minimizing downside and maximizing opportunity.  With a range of proven tools – including audits, simulations, stress tests, stakeholder mapping and training – we have the resources to ensure that, when companies face the unexpected, they emerge in a position of strength.

Issue & Crisis Management

When a crisis hits, fast, experienced and capable counsel is critical. Effective crisis management is based on timely execution supported by disciplined strategy. In a rapidly changing environment, companies must move fast while also demonstrating consistency. We provide streamlined implementation based on solid strategy across media relations, digital and social programs, paid media strategies, content creation and stakeholder mapping, among other services.

Reputation Recovery

In many cases, a crisis resolution is also the beginning of a reputation recovery journey.  We help businesses recover lost stakeholder trust, allowing for a return to operational capacity and expanded opportunities. Using an information-driven approach, we rely on a combination of data points to understand baseline reputation status and define the path to full revitalization.

M&A Positioning

With an increase in M&A activity, more organizations will be navigating transitional territory. In the rush of the deal, successful companies will remember that communications plays a role in the success of any merger or acquisition. We help companies anticipate change by crafting an effective narrative with the benefits for all stakeholders, aligning the communications timeline with other factors in the transaction, preparing for and managing leaks and rumors, and executing along a continuum that extends far past the moment that the transaction is finalized.

Litigation Communications

We know how to work effectively with lawyers and seek opportunities to support winning outcomes for legal counsel. For legal counselors entering battle in the court of law, we embed has part of the legal team to deliver success in the court of public opinion.  We work with legal teams and their clients by offering sound strategy, clear approval processes, and a focus on communications programs that align with legal priorities. Our experienced team has spent significant time in the courtroom, understands the dynamics of complex litigation, and participates as part of a multi-disciplinary team working together to drive a single outcome.
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