Lisette M. Loughner

Vice President of Human Resources & Partner
What should you know about me?
My professionalism and nurturing personality have been a vital force in managing rbb’s employee relations and benefits programs which have positively contributed to the agency’s award-winning employee driven workplace philosophy.

What career achievement am I most proud of?
Having been with rbb for more than two decades has enabled me to establish a strong administrative and human resources foundation built with trust, humanity, and compassion for our staff.

Why rbb?
Our executive leadership team which fosters high ethical expectations, a trustworthy relationship, and transparency between clients and teams.

Our employee driven workplace philosophy, which allows us to create the perfect work environment, along with flexibility and customized compensation benefits.

The formal introduction
Lisette serves as vice president of human resources for rbb Communications, managing the benefits administration, recruitment and compensation, performance management and organizational development for the agency. With more than 25 years of experience in administration and human resources management, Lisette leads rbb’s administrative team which serves a staff of 70-plus employees.

The real story
From my early, early days as the executive assistant to Bruce Rubin, founder of Bruce Rubin Associates (predecessor firm to rbb) to vice president of human resources, little did I know that my career path would take me on a journey to the land of rbb, a place I now call home.

The name dropping
Although I work with some notable professionals in the rbb leadership team and assisted in many high-profile client crisis programs under Bruce Rubin, my initial claim to fame was serving in the Mayor of the City of Miami Beach’s administration.

Want more?
To learn more about rbb’s employee-driven workplace, contact me at or at (305) 448-5531.

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