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The rbb crisis team is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and delivering best practices and counsel to provide organizations with the information they need to manage through the crisis and on to recovery.

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As we navigate the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve developed a suite of resources for communications, including downloadable guides, video webinars and the latest news and analysis business leaders should know all in one place.

COVID-19 communications offerings

rbb COVID-19 weekly briefing

It can be hard to understand what to believe and where to go for the most accurate information related to coronavirus (COVID-19). That’s why rbb provides a free comprehensive weekly briefing of the ongoing coronavirus situation. Each report includes the day’s top headlines, a communication tip of the day, links to key resources such as the WHO and the CDC and a continuously updated world map.

Customized versions of the weekly briefing report focused on sector, audience, region or combination there of can be created upon request.

COVID-19 digital intelligence report

Are you looking to understand what your key stakeholders are saying about coronavirus (COVID-19)? rbb’s Digital Intelligence Report understands the conversations key stakeholders are having at all levels, allowing our clients to hone in on and develop micro-targeted materials to better serve their audiences. Contact us to see a sample.

crisis communication arsenal audit

Understanding your brand’s positioning and reputation with key stakeholders from a crisis communications standpoint is vital during this ongoing situation. Through rbb’s Crisis Communication Arsenal Audit, we’ll provide a deep analysis to ensure your messages are on target and are delivered via the appropriate channels to guarantee that your most important audiences are reached, and with the right frequency.

competitive advantage: who is winning and who is losing in your sector?

The response to the coronavirus crisis has ranged greatly across all industries. Seeing how competing companies in your sector are differentiating themselves (for better or for worse) with their communications around COVID-19 has its benefits. rbb’s Competitive Advantage Analysis offers just that by identifying and analyzing on an ongoing basis how competitors are gaining or losing customer trust during this fluid crisis situation.

accelerating recovery after COVID-19

How do you recover from a crisis with the magnitude of coronavirus? Through our “Accelerating Recovery After COVID-19” session, we’ll look beyond the current situation to prepare you for the quickest possible recovery using data and insights from past crises and emergencies.

internal communications + training

The health and well-being of employee teams is of utmost importance as COVID-19 continues its rapid spread across the U.S. and the globe. By participating in rbb’s Internal Communication + Training, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate with employees and continue to develop their knowledge and skills as you move toward a virtual workplace.

community outreach

If you are in a position to help others, rbb can help you create, execute and communicate your efforts to assist those in need. Whether it’s grants through foundations, employee or neighborhood assistance programs or straight donations, rbb can help ensure your efforts do the most good and are recognized appropriately.