Nozin Nasal Sanitizer


While Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic had been prevalent in hospitals (B2B) the product hadn’t been marketed to consumers (B2C). rbb was tasked with putting together a paid digital ecommerce strategy to reintroduce Nozin to consumers and drive product consideration and sales.

Break-Out Strategy

Implement phased approach to drive mass, rapid awareness among consumer audience. Ignite sales with an increased investment across high-intent channels, including paid search and shopper marketing, as well as cross-channel remarketing efforts. 



Balanced Media Mix

Use paid social, paid search, shopper marketing, display, online video and email marketing to drive awareness, consideration and sales across intended audiences.

Amazon Launch

Initiate Amazon brand registration, create dedicated brand store and activate A+ content to focus on the consumer at the point of purchase, driving sales and brand equity.

Dynamic Creative

Combine multiple ad components and optimize toward top performing creative variations, tailoring content per user and delivering efficient results at scale.

Social Proof 

Showcase positive engagement and messaging across paid social posts from past Nozin purchasers to new prospect audiences to build trust and increase sales.



sales generated in 1 year


new users generated in 1 year


average ROAS