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Invicta Stores is an official reseller of the Invicta Watch Group. Faced with the challenges of reseller competition and limited brand recognition in a crowded luxury watch market, rbb Communications was tasked with increasing annual revenue while maintaining an aggressive target return on ad spend.

Breakout Strategy

Activate a full-funnel and multi-channel digital marketing campaign with a strong focus on paid media tactics including, but not limited to, paid search, shopping, display, online video, paid social and cross-platform retargeting.

invicta watches

E-commerce Program

Launched an e-commerce channel strategy that incorporated Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and Criteo aimed at igniting shopping behavior.

Tactics Igniting the Shopping Feed

  • Google Shopping feed setup and optimization for 5,000-item product feed; received Google’s “Trusted Store” badge within 90 days of launch.
  • Catalog configuration to scale shopping ads across non-Google platforms including Microsoft Ads, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Criteo.
  • Dynamic retargeting to re-engage shoppers with personalized ads.


Optimizing for Long-Term Profitability

  • Seasonality and cost of goods, overhead, advertising and other expenses factored into campaign bidding strategy.
  • Real-time margin data and analysis to inform product and campaign segmentation.
  • Ongoing and frequent testing of new channels, existing channel tactics and messaging.


Ongoing Testing and Learning

  • Staying ahead of the curve and customer acquisition with frequent testing of new channels, existing channel tactics and messaging.


(12-month snapshot of results)


net revenue (100% YoY increase) 


return on ad spend


average order value


average cost per order