Havana Club Chocolate Bar


An industry leading rum, Havana Club, part of the Bacardi Family, challenged rbb to enhance its brand presence and promote a limited-edition partnership with Exquisito Chocolates. We worked to blend the brand’s heritage into local culture while driving sales and fostering authentic connections with consumers.

Breakout Strategy

Our strategy aimed to weave a narrative spotlighting the fusion of Havana Club rum and Exquisito Chocolates through a limited-edition chocolate bar, evoking holiday magic and emphasizing its unique craftsmanship. As an integrated communications agency, rbb orchestrated a three-part program comprising design, earned media, and events, with each element crucial in the successful launch of this product.

Havana Club Chocolate Bar 2



The rbb Works team created an elegant, visually striking, premium-quality chocolate bar wrapper design with engaging storytelling both on the inside and outside of the packaging. To showcase the finished chocolate bar alongside Havana Club rum, we coordinated a photoshoot that captured the essence of the product’s sophistication and allure.

Earned Media

rbb’s media program targeted outreach to local and national lifestyle and food and beverage contacts, spanning English and Spanish language media and online platforms. Story angles focused on a unique collaboration between Havana Club and Exquisito Chocolates, spotlighting their ‘cane to bottle’ and ‘bean to bar’ craftsmanship. Coverage strategically positioned both brands as forward-thinking industry players, featured holiday treat recipes and giftable delights in an exclusive partnership.


rbb hosted top-tier media and influencers at a Havana Club Holiday Heritage Experience, offering guests an immersive journey into a festive ambiance complete with holiday tunes, a welcoming cocktail, and authentic Cuban bites. Custom placemats adorned with Havana Club samples, cacao elements, and a sample chocolate bar fostered engaging educational sessions led by Havana Club’s brand ambassador and Exquisito’s owner. An interactive cocktail-making session offered attendees the opportunity to craft the Havana Club Crema de Vie cocktail. Guests departed with Bottled Crema de Vie, Havana Club rum, a recipe card for at-home concoctions, and the Exquisito chocolate bar, ensuring a memorable experience infused with Cuban heritage.



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