Foster relationships between members of Thomson Reuters’ global communications team.

Empower team members to become strategically and operationally in-sync.

Rapidly accelerate performance and consistently deliver higher business results.

Break-Out Strategy: Reimagine a Retreat

Create The Idea Factory – a branded series of corporate summits to engage with more than 400+ communicators throughout Thomson Reuters worldwide so they act as a unified team and effectively lead internal communications.


  • rbb designed a number of corporate summits: a global summit in NY, followed by regional summits in the U.S., Great Britain, and Asia
  • Created agenda based on audit survey of participants to determine baseline of knowledge and effective team skills
  • Curated a two-day retreat with internal and external speakers; interactive exercises and team building activities
  • Based on first summit’s success, regional summits were built as follow-ups to the main event and customized for regional differences
  • All events included 30- and 60-day follow-up activities to extend participants’ engagement



of the 400+ managers joined the program


pieces of crowdsourced content/engagement


member contribution