Srikant Ramaswami|Jun 12, 2017

In 1996, I left my job at Dow Jones & Co. in New York and moved to Miami to join the communications agency, Rubin, Barney & Birger, which was a smaller firm then.

From the moment I walked into rbb’s Miami office, I realized that I was in the company of stalwarts. The passion, creativity, perseverance and purpose with which individuals in the firm worked symbiotically with clients to find solutions to complex problems could be summed up in one word: Smart. I very much enjoyed the culture at rbb, driven by the desire to do great work, and, in the process, have fun. Office politics had no place, but if you had a creative idea, deliberation was extensive, support was strong and execution was magical.

I learned many things at rbb that positioned me for success in corporate life. I learned that to get to the root of problem-solving for clients, it was important not just to answer questions, but question answers. I learned that strong public relations campaigns weren’t just about standing out, but that they had to be outstanding. I learned that good publicity isn’t just about getting what you want into the public domain, but also about wanting what you get.

Most importantly, there was always an aura of decency that permeated the ethos of the firm. Employees supported one another, leaders led and inspired, and good humor was rampant through the hallways.

Today, after more than 22 years in corporate life in healthcare communications, I return to where it all began for me – excited, motivated, and challenged. Starting this month, I will lead rbb’s New York area office and global healthcare practice, as we expand our offerings and partner with clients to do remarkable things in important regions around the world.

The road ahead will be filled with serendipity and synergy. I will work with our first-rate healthcare team to earn new clients and build existing businesses, with dedication, sincerity, and integrity. There will be challenges, but when you know that your colleagues are a force for good, anything is surmountable.

Most importantly, I will work harder than ever to always do what I can, when I can, to support healthcare-related entities – providers, payers, physicians, surgeons and patients – through meaningful and effective communication.

In my lifetime, I hope I can work with companies that find cures for a myriad of diseases like diabetes, HIV, cancer, obesity, heart disease, schizophrenia, depression and blindness. And I hope that we can further the agenda for groups that are fighting vociferously on behalf of patients.

I am happy to have returned home to rbb. Together, we will create a beautiful legacy, driven by communication that can move the world.


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