Luisa Yen|Nov 3, 2016
sketch of Frida Kahlo

An iconic artist who continues to leave a mark on fashion, media and art decades after her lifetime, you can say that Frida Kahlo initiated the power of personal branding before it even existed.

Her bold multicultural style was carefully crafted using fashion as an illusion to communicate messages against social, sexual, artistic and political norms. (Her eyebrows and ‘stache, for example, were a rebellion against feminine beauty ideals.)

Frida worked hard to present herself as a one-of-a-kind leader, as should all Breakout Brands with these branding tips inspired by the legendary artist:

Attitude is Everything

Breakout Brands take market share by building strong emotional connections with customers. Beyond its product or service, a company must appeal emotionally to its audience to build customer loyalty.

By exuding a specific attitude or feeling people can identify with, a brand becomes a part of their lifestyle – just like Nike is more than just shoes and Apple is more than smartphones.

Customization is a Must

Frida was a DIY pioneer, confectioning her looks down to growing the flowers she donned on her head. Similarly, Breakout Brands don’t follow the competition; they lead by putting the customer first and evolving constantly with today’s changing marketplace. Forward thinking and continued customization are key.

Flaws can be Beautiful

Be responsive, transparent and honest in everything you do. Bad news will always find its way out. Breakout Brands communicate with soul; they are genuine and create rich dialogue with customers in a timely manner no matter what the issue.

More is More

No stranger to excess, Frida spent hours in the mirror working on her self-portraits. She piled on oversized jewelry and wore rings on almost every finger.

More is more when dealing with communications. For Breakout Brands, communication come first, second and third. Furthermore, the more integration, the more success.

Breakout Brands work completely integrated from the inside out. Everyone collaborates to create a philosophy that works from the start.

Fashion May Fade, Style Remains

Look past short-term fads, trends and gimmicks. Breakout Brands see the future with open-mindedness and flexibility. They innovate and deliver what customers want before they even know they want it.

Every form of communication, imagery, social channel and exchange speaks volumes about a brand. And just like Frida who claimed “I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best,” companies have the power to control that message with the right communications strategy.

Learn more about rbb’s evolutionary Breakout Brand strategy today, and check back for the 2016 Breakout Brand Survey debuting later this month.

Photo: Creative Commons “Image 10” by Libby Rosof, used under CC BY / Cropped from original


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