Sloane Fistel|Nov 4, 2014

“Today, emotions are driving purchases like never before…Studies on emotional attachment to brands have found that evoking positive emotions is crucial for brand engagement.” rbb’s Breakout Brand research could not be more on point.

One of the simplest, but arguably most effective, ways to evoke those emotions is to express gratitude. Thanking customers helps make them a part of your company’s story on and offline and it is one way Breakout Brands can successfully connect with consumers.

Whether you are a new brand such as Uber or a legacy company such as Disney, your customers always drive your bottom line. According to rbb’s Breakout Brand Customer Insights study 83 percent of consumers would pay more for a product or service from a company they feel puts them first.

So, what would work for your customer? How can you evoke emotion? You make them feel like they are number one.

Case in point: TD Bank’s recent viral #TDThanksYou campaign, where ATMs were turned into “Automated Thanking Machines.” Who knew a bank had the ability to tug at my heartstrings, let alone those of 14 million others? Tissues, please.

What’s most striking about the initiative is how tailored each “thank you” appears to be. And media took notice. Aside from millions of YouTube views and social media shares, major news organizations (The Today ShowForbes and Huffington Post to name a few) covered TD’s customer appreciation hit.

The campaign immediately reminded me of last year’s Internet sensation, “WestJet Christmas Miracle: Real-Time Giving” which has been viewed more than 36 million times. Like the TD Bank initiative, it resonated with people because it showcased a company going out of its way to express gratitude with a unique, creative and heartwarming approach.

rbb’s Breakout Brand research reports that 85 percent of consumers say it’s important to do business with a company they have strong emotions for. And it’s no surprise that millennials are the age group most likely to say emotional connections matter.

As such, shaping consumers’ attitude about your brand in a positive, genuine light is important, especially because today’s consumer has become more critical and socially conscious. (For more proof, have a look at Gibbs-rbb’s “Conscious Consumer” study.)

While your company might not have the budget available to say “thank you” at TD Bank or WestJet’s scale, there are still ways to show your customers you care. You know your audience best. The bottom line is that inspiring emotions and building connections through heartfelt outreach is invaluable. A simple thank you can speak volumes.


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