Tina Elmowitz, Chief People Officer & Partner|Jul 28, 2023

rbb Communications celebrates joining the list of Florida’s Best 100 Companies to Work For by Florida Trend. While workplaces have transformed drastically in the last few years, some things remain constant: companies that actively listen to their employees and treat them with fairness are rewarded with boosted company morale, higher employee retention, and a flourishing work environment. Chief People Officer and Partner, Tina Elmowitz, shares her thoughts on how rbb has built an environment where employees can thrive and grow. 

Treating employees fairly is a vital aspect of how rbb approaches its commitment to employee satisfaction and productivity. However, we have found that fairness does not necessarily mean treating everyone equally in all circumstances. In fact, fair but not equal treatment in the workplace is a key factor in our employee happiness and engagement. By understanding the benefits of this approach, we have been able to create a positive work environment that promotes employee well-being and overall success, even in the midst of change and disruption.  

Recognition of Individual Contributions  

Treating employees fairly but not equally starts with acknowledging and valuing individual contributions. Every rbb’er has unique skills, strengths and abilities that set them apart from one another. As managers, it is our job to help identify, foster and grow these individual skills. By recognizing and rewarding employees based on their individual achievements, we have found appreciation and increased morale among our team members. It shows our employees that their unique contributions have value and their efforts are recognized, while encouraging them to continue striving for excellence. 

Tailored Development Opportunities  

Treating employees fairly means providing them with development opportunities that align with their skills, interests and career aspirations. By tailoring professional development programs and resources to meet individual needs, we can elevate skills while supporting personal growth.  This can include opportunities for employees to spearhead work in areas that excite them most, for example, creating practice group areas like energy, crisis and franchise that align with their interest and expertise. 

The idea is to invest in the long-term success of each employee, leading to increased job satisfaction and higher levels of happiness. We conduct a Happiness Survey twice a year to know if we are delivering for employees and if they feel valued.  It also helps us to continuously evolve our professional development offerings as well as our benefits and perks. 

Flexible Work Arrangements  

Treating employees fairly but not equally also involves recognizing diverse personal needs and circumstances. A decade before the pandemic, rbb offered flexible work arrangements with remote work options and flexible schedules because we know that work is not limited to 9 to 5 and personal life doesn’t only happen on the weekends.  Everyone’s work-life blend looks different and for different reasons – rbb supports them all. Through our Happiness Survey, almost every employee says it’s the #1 most important benefit.   

Performance-Based Rewards  

Rewarding employees based on performance, rather than providing equal rewards to all, reinforces our fair work environment. While agency-wide bonuses are certainly in place, specific rewards for individuals who surpass their individual goals also are part of our compensation practice. By implementing performance-based reward systems, we motivate employees to thoughtfully consider the goals they set each year and then work to excel and achieve those goals. This approach encourages healthy competition, promotes continuous improvement, and recognizes individuals who consistently go above and beyond their responsibilities. Our team members appreciate being acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work, which boosts morale and fosters a positive work culture. 

Tailored Support and Communication  

Treating employees fairly but not equally requires personalized support and communication. Managers are empowered to understand each individual’s unique needs, challenges and goals. By providing support like mentorship and coaching, managers play an active role in individual employee success. Additionally, maintaining open and transparent communication channels allows rbb’ers to voice their concerns, provide feedback, and feel valued as important contributors at any level of the organization. This personalized approach fosters trust, loyalty and a sense of belonging among employees. 

At rbb, we believe that treating employees fairly but not equally is a powerful strategy for enhancing employee happiness and engagement and creating a thriving workplace where employees feel valued, motivated and satisfied.  

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