Christine de la Huerta|Mar 12, 2012

SXSW Interactive is an annual conference for those living, breathing and dreaming in digital. So of course Digital Park journeyed over to Austin to bring you the most up to the minute content and access.

Today’s keynote was, as the SXSW website promised, “mind-bending.” Visionary Ray Kurzweil talked about the exponential growth of technology and the laws of accelerating returns. As he put it, to a large and attentive crowd (see below), “You can start world-changing revolution with just the power of your ideas and everyday tools.” Kurzweil believes that technology concepts that sound straight out of a science fiction novel are not only possible but inevitable. “Blood-cell-sized devices will be a mainstream technology in 20 years.” Talk about a world-changing revolution!

Don’t forget to follow live tweets of the sessions and the SXSW experience by following the #SXSFL hashtag.


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