Esther Griego|May 16, 2014

Who wants to pay for a carry on or a bottle of water in flight? Who wants a seat that doesn’t recline? Known as “the most complained about” airline in America, Sprit Airlines doesn’t seem a likely candidate for Breakout Brand status.

But the airline recently launched a branding campaign aiming to change that.

Rather than competing with the mainstream airlines, Spirit is taking a new leading stance on the low-cost, stripped down flying experience.

The new “Bare Fare” campaign seeks to position the airlines’ a la carte offerings as a plus and features videos and FAQs to educate the consumer on the Spirit Airline business model.

What the new campaign does is demonstrates that Spirit Airlines understands it’s target customer and what they value: low price at the exclusion of all else.

The new logo and website reinforces the “bare” message, featuring sketchy, hand drawn fonts and illustrations and a stark, black, yellow and white color scheme.

The look and feel is a significant diversion from the industry conventions of glossy, three-dimensional plane renderings and saturated photos of exotic locals.

Even with it’s bargain basement prices and zero frills experience, Sprit still has work to do in the customer service department. The airline’s flight attendants were recently rated “rudest” in a poll by Airfarewatchdog.

But with communication at the heart and soul of a Breakout Brand, Spirit’s new consumer campaign may be a positive step that can transform the brand into a target market leader.


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