Luisa Yen|Feb 17, 2012

Social Media Week, the world-wide conference that has made a name for itself in the last three years, finally came to Miami! So you know Digital Park just had to be there. We sent a few bloggers out to the field and asked them to share their thoughts on their favorite sessions.

Earlier this week, the ins and outs of the Latina mom blogosphere were discussed in this lively session with moderator Cristy Clavijo-Kish and panelists Angela Sustaita-RuizJeannette Kaplun, and Denisse Icaza. With demographics on their side, the number of Latina mom blogs are continuing to grow and definitely here to stay, because they offer a unique connection, be it peer-to-peer, mom-to-mom or woman-to-woman.

The future of Latina mom blogging is constantly evolving, just like Hispanic communities in the U.S. The panelists said you can expect further integration of technology and videos, as well as an increase in bilingual blogs as a new generation of Hispanic-Americans takes to the Internet to speak their mind.

Some things, however, will remain the same. Just as with traditional media, the number one rule for companies and PR reps looking to connect with these bloggers is to do your research and get to know them, then reach out accordingly. Moreover, look beyond the “numbers”  to see the full scope of the blogger’s network: In addition to site traffic, extensions of the blog on other social media platforms can have a great impact on driving audience engagement.


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