Rafael Sangiovanni|Oct 5, 2011

Is your company hiring? When it comes to getting the word out, it’s just a matter of placing a job listing in the local paper and Monster.com and letting the resumes come in, right?

A while back, we posted a piece about hiring employees in the digital era, in which we discussed online strategies companies could use to enhance their recruitment process. These tools can be effective not only for social media-specific jobs, but also any position where you want candidates who are connected online. The tactics ran the gamut of Twitter hashtags, online interviews, Facebook posts and LinkedIn Jobs – methods we’ve used ourselves at rbb to find and hire new employees. (Yours truly included.)

We got to thinking about this again since we just posted a new job opening at rbb for a Senior Account Executive. In the past, we’ve found that using social media for more than just researching potential employees has really worked for us.

So, we were wondering: If you’re a company, how much of a role will social media play when you hire your next employee? If you’re a job seeker, what impact has social media had on your job hunt?

Let us know your experience in the comments!


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