Christine Barney|Dec 7, 2012

My last column with PRWeek focuses on procurement. Say the word and most marketing people cringe and immediately think about their budgets being cut.

But as rbb has worked more and more with outside procurement specialists, and especially began working with a leading procurement company, it’s clear that the thinking about procurement has changed and smart agencies should get on board or be left behind.

Our client, Procurian, calls it the “New Procurement.” The days of just negotiating for cost savings are over because a one-time budget slash doesn’t deliver enough of the real savings companies demand.

Under this new philosophy, procurement should help make smart decisions that bring more added-value to the table like using specialty firms or unbundling contracts for more bang. They should have experience in the marketing field to understand various agencies and their areas of focus to make the relationship smoother for all.

The right external specialists who have not only deep market intelligence, but the infrastructure to manage the process, and the ability to see the process through to make sure everyone complies offer a win win for both sides of the negotiating table.

As my article states, just like good neighbors make good fences, good contracts make for good PR partnerships. Next time you’re faced with a procurement process, think about what you do that adds value to a client and be prepared for forthright discussions on how both sides mutually benefit.


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