Christine Barney|Jan 18, 2012

Today’s post in PRWeek discusses a subject that should resonate with everyone, no matter your line of business: Why you should love your clients more than your prospects.

When it comes to growth, new business seems to be king. Getting a new client is perceived as sexier and sometimes more rewarding than ensuring you keep or grow a client. That’s just bad business. Many talk about putting customers first, but few really walk the walk.

Look at your culture and see if your organization really rewards good customer service and organic growth with the same enthusiasm as bringing in a new client. Do the math and see how much each new client costs and how many clients left in the same time period. Watch your bottom line change as you adjust those numbers.

Remember, clients know when they are “second fiddle” and will only tolerate it for so long. When your focus and attention is on your next new relationship rather than your current one, it’s a recipe for divorce. So don’t forget to love the one you’re with. Treat every client like a new client, and everyone will have a happier and more profitable outcome.


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