Sep 13, 2010

Mashable’s post today about choosing the right workplace struck a particular chord with us here at Casa rbb. It just so happens that our CEO Christine Barney was recently talking about this very topic in The Miami Herald. The headline says it all: “Nurtured employees lead to a healthier bottom line.”

And it’s true. There are lots of flex friendly companies that have adopted similar approaches and seen great success. When you can make your employees feel valued and appreciated, they will work harder for the company. I could go on and on, but our Christine has already said it best before, so I’ll leave it to her.

So what did we do at rbb? We tore down the walls and built an open office. We also have several employees who telecommute, inviting them build to their own virtual open office at home.

Our old office (left) vs Casa rbb (right)

To answer Mashable’s question, you definitely can have an untraditional traditional workspace. This approach to an office is analogous to the way companies are reshaping their marketing efforts to include more social media: It simply makes sense and accommodates the shifting needs of modern-day employees.  Oh, and it looks better


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