Ailys Toledo|Mar 1, 2018

Have you noticed that brands are aligning their campaigns and messages to have more personality? The results of this trend is creating deeper connections and awakening emotional responses among consumers, who are more savvy and connected than ever before thanks to social/digital media. We know that statistically, brands that pay special attention in creating meaningful messages are rewarded with consumer loyalty, strong engagement, and affinity.

Whereas before, brands remained neutral and shied away from “giving too much” personality, now we see the opposite becoming a norm. Below, we’ve rounded up a few notable brands and their new campaigns that leveraged social issues, current events and timely opportunities to introduce new concepts or reignite interest in their products and services. Comment below your favorite!


Trends To Watch

Zen to-go: Embracing the self-care boom to engage consumers

Brands like JetBlue are embracing the mini-boom in self-care apps through creative content and partnerships that help them connect with consumers. Being mindful is key (via AdWeek).

The rise of the xennial: A new business opportunity

This micro-generation of 30 to 45-year-olds grew up in a pre-smartphone world, but easily transitioned into the digital era. Here’s why you should pay attention (via Skift).


Campaigns To Watch

Amazon’s Powerful Ad Gives Alexa A Winning Personality

Amazon’s award-winning “Alexa Lost Her Voice ad won the Super Bowl by giving its A.I. gadget a (funny) personality, while still getting at the heart of why “you” should buy one (via USA Today).

Johnnie Walker Introduces Jane In A Move To Embrace Equality

People expect that the companies they support also align with their values in a timely way. Exhibit A: Johnnie Walker’s Black Label will debut the “Jane Walker Edition” in March to coincide with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (via AdWeek).


Brands To Watch

Airbnb’S New Airbnb Plus Bets On Good Ol’ Loyalty

Consummate disruptor brand Airbnb is embracing more traditional industry amenities like loyalty programs to capture an even bigger piece of the pie. Read more about its latest announcement (via Skift).

Pepsico Allies With Drinkfinity To Give Customization A New Name

PepsiCo’s new partnership with Drinkfinity offers personalized beverage options to busy go-getters who also care about making good choices. Convenience and empowerment are also key ingredients in the new venture (via BevNET).

In conclusion, spotlighting brand personality can be as simple as putting a face to the name (like Alexa and the celebrity endorsements) or joining a larger conversation (like Johnnie Walker did and their Jane Walker campaign). The end goal is to forge deeper connections and create a meaningful, long-lasting legacy.


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