Victoria Gomez|May 15, 2018

May is the month of millennials.

The nation’s largest generation and a steady cultural force is causing brands to transform and innovate their marketing strategies.

Companies are catering to millennial preferences by offering experiences, practicality, and incentives.


Trends to Watch

Move over Traditional Honeymoons: Millennial Newlyweds Want ‘Many-Moons’

After saying “I do,” millennial newlyweds are saying bring in the “many-moons.” Between their sense of adventure and career-focused lifestyles, the 22-37 age group finds that a few quick getaways in the first year of marriage are more exciting and practical.

This means more weekend travel to multiple destinations in place of the traditional longer stay (via Fox News).

Travelers Are Looking for Meaning, Purpose, and Fulfillment

Identified as one of Skift’s 2018 Megatrends, young travelers today are looking for experiences that help set the stage for self-actualization, personal transformation and growth.

Since one in four individuals desire this type of travel, brands should focus on reaching these consumers by creating experiences to help drive such moments (via Skift).


Campaigns to Watch

Weeklong Working Vacations: A Movement Millennials Can Get Behind

The popular “WFH” acronym has a new meaning thanks to the Hawaii Tourism Board’s new ad campaign. The strategy draws on survey data indicating that 81 percent of millennials feel more productive when working away from a traditional office setting.

The concept bridges business and leisure travel into an attractive package that speaks to the heart of the generation (via AdWeek).

Courtyard by Marriott Shows How Millennials Redefine Work and Success

The hotel brand, normally associated with function rather than the lifestyle preferred by millennials, developed a new advertising strategy that caters to the young business travelers who have reinvented the typical 9-5 office job.

The 60-second spot is focused on the passions and lifestyle of guests, featuring their plush bedding, lobby bar, and reception as a backdrop (via AdWeek).

girl traveling-rbb-communications

Brands to Watch

Resume Building with a Travel Twist

Gaining career experience is not confined to an office anymore, according to the founders of Auratrek. The new company creates opportunities where young Americans can learn to work in multicultural environments on location.

Appealing to those who wish to travel for a purpose but don’t want to put their resume on hold (via PopSugar).


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