Nicole Fry|Sep 13, 2018

Traveling to a bucket list destination or trying exotic new foods are no longer just about enjoying the moment. We want the world to join us on the journey from the comforts of their phone.

We’re bringing social media influencers into focus as they successfully capitalize on experience-based content and beat brand marketers one great photo at a time.


Goodbye Millennials, Hello GenZ – What Drives Their Spending?

More than any other segment, this young group, ages 8 to 22, lives for shareable moments, particularly when it comes to their taste-buds. Food is the number one thing GenZers spend their cash on, and they are posting the mouthwatering Snaps and Instagram pics to prove it. This generation is sure to follow their noses to brand activations with a food component worth sharing. As they say: Food for thought. (via Forbes)

Is Cruising Going from Grey to Slay?

If you’ve taken a cruise lately, you may have noticed your fellow passengers are looking younger than ever.  The cruising industry is attracting more adventure travelers than ever before and the demand for cruises to exotic locations like The Galapagos Islands and Antarctica is growing at a rapid rate.

People want to see more places and post enticing pics, so multi-stop vacations are rising to the top of the young traveler’s to-do list. Looks like packed itineraries and custom destination activities are the new amenities. (via Travel Agent Central)

Photo of Ice Cream


Target’s Tasty Pop-up Floods Social Media Feeds

Target is at it again, this time innovating around food rather than clothes. Have you heard about their new collaboration with The Museum of Ice Cream? The flavorsome installation joins both brands’ creative missions, while introducing a limited-edition line of must-have treats.

The marriage, made in Instagram-heaven, is yet another example of how photo-opp friendly activations are a powerful tool to drive Millennials and GenZers to the register. (via Adweek).

Art Studio


AccorHotels’ New Partnership is Picture Perfect

How do you create the most picturesque hotel experience? Buy an art-inspired hotel! That’s what AccorHotels is hoping for after investing millions of dollars to acquire 85 percent of 21c Museum Hotels.

The brand perfectly combines contemporary art with swanky lodgings…does it get more Instagramable than that? (via Hotel Management)

Snickers Continues to Bet on Humor to Win Social Media

Why would you click on a banner ad promising one Snickers for the price of two? Snickers says it’s because you’re deliriously hungry… The ad, an extension of the brand’s famous ‘you’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign, has people sharing their embarrassing clicks online, and the combination of clever content and a humorous coupon is filling the stomachs of Snickers fans everywhere. (via Adweek)


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