John Quinn|Jan 13, 2016

You may want to take those New Year resolutions about getting in shape a bit more seriously this year and in the years ahead. I know I will, after a fascinating conversation with some people involved in regenerative therapy research.

Things are happening now that may truly transform how you and I experience “old age” and redefine our understanding of what modern medicine can do.

The possibilities are mind-boggling. Treatments developed in the category of cell-based therapeutics could actually reverse the impact of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and a host of conditions associated with age-related frailty, to name a few. Think of the implications for health care providers, the health and life insurance industries, the work force, financial planning and social services – it could be truly transformative.

In the realm of marketing communications, we will be similarly challenged to rethink once again how we communicate with the “seniors” crowd, how we portray them in images and where we slot them in our audience targeting strategies. This is happening already – AARP’s marketing transformation is a prime example. But what’s ahead could be a whole new ballgame. These medical researchers are saying that the first person to live to 150 has already been born.

Growing up I remember hearing a family friend using the expression “health and happiness 99 years.” The idea is to wish someone a long and happy life… but not too long because if you reach 100 odds are you will be suffering from multiple ailments and who wants that! Well, life at 100 is looking quite different now. You might want to start getting in shape now for your 100-year check up!


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