Jeremy Lettiere|Oct 10, 2012

At rbb, we’ve identified an evolutionary “Breakout Brand” strategy focused on the customer and in tune with today’s changing marketplace. In a recent survey exploring customer perceptions we discovered some timely data relating to the upcoming Presidential election that we just couldn’t resist sharing with you…

Survey respondents’ decisions to vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney appears to have an influence on their identification with specific breakout brands.  Seems Romney supporters have a stronger affinity for brands such as Walmart, Caterpillar, McDonald’s, Exxon Mobil, UPS, FedEx, Coca-Cola and Amazon, among others while Obama supporters identify more with brands like Google, Whole Foods Market, Starbucks and Volkswagen. In addition, some brands have a bi-partisan (or non-partisan) appeal, including Apple, Microsoft, American Express, Costco, Nike, Target, Singapore Airlines, Samsung, 3M and Nordstrom.

You can learn all about this breakthrough strategy by reading rbb’s white paper on how the evolution of the challenger brand approach inspires marketers. The full results of rbb’s breakout brand study will be revealed in November.


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