Christine Barney|Oct 1, 2014

Over the last decade, the decision-making process about the foods we choose to buy and eat has become even more complex.

Today’s Conscious ConsumerTM wants to know a lot more than just price, calorie counts and brand name. The Conscious ConsumerTM is interested in the quality of product ingredients, nutritional value, impact on the environment in terms of how it was made or how it was packaged, and even who produced it and if they act in a socially responsible manner.

The likely success of a brand can begin long before it makes its first appearance in the supermarket. With careful thought given to the entire value chain, brands can better communicate with a growing consumer base who care more, share more and spend more.

That’s why we’ve launched Gibbs-rbb, a company that understands the Conscious ConsumerTM and can guide brands to unlock the potential from this lucrative market.

Gibbs-rbb is the perfect blend of two nimble, independent firms – Gibbs & Soell, with a deep expertise in B2B supply chain, and rbb, an award-winning firm strong in food and beverage consumer marketing.

We share an award-winning culture, a no-nonsense approach to business and a passion for results. While the two firms will continue their separate operations, our joint venture truly makes one plus one equal three.

Gibbs-rbb invites you to find out more about today’s Conscious ConsumerTM.


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