Natalie Alatriste|Feb 15, 2017
Content for Tech-dependent Media

It’s no secret that more people are getting their news through mobile devices, typically via apps or social networks. In fact, about 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone, according to a recent Pew Research Center study. This is true across generations.

No, the real story is what we, as marketers, need to do about it.

The media has caught onto the smart phone frenzy, and almost all mainstream publications have adapted new methods to relay their news. As marketers, we should take note and maximize how we deliver our content.

Here are some tactics you should consider implementing to optimize your news and pitches for a tech-dependent media world.

1. Embrace All Video

Just about any kind of visual can strengthen storytelling. But did you know that 100 million Internet users watch an online video every day?

Video is one of the most powerful types of content marketing – so much so that we created a guide with 10 essential tactics for developing successful online videos.

In addition, the prevalence of live video on Facebook and Instagram cannot be ignored. Whether used at an event, on the go, or to host a real-time Q&A session with a source, the ‘live’ function works well not just for the news source but also the viewer. Consider this format when thinking through the best way to deliver a story for your client. You can also check out Facebook’s tips for going live to get a good starting point.

2. Learn to Love Listicles

Back when you were in school and you were assigned multiple books to read over the summer, would you take the time to read them all? Or would you use SparkNotes to get an overview of what each was about?

Studies on shortening attention spans would indicate that most people would answer ‘yes’ to the latter – and the same can be said now regarding news.

There’s so much news out there that people can suffer from information overload. That’s why listicles are the best for readers on the go or those simply getting their quick fix of news during a coffee break.

In a nutshell, writing a blog post or a bylined article in listicle format does just what SparkNotes did: It highlights the main points and gets your message across, all while making it a seamless read for your audience.

Consider the listicle format when framing your client’s story or working with your media contacts on the most effective method for storytelling.

3. Repurposed Content Is King

The amount of content posted every second on the web is staggering. To that end, there’s power in repurposing for multiple audiences, across multiple platforms, across multiple days.

For example, one interview can turn into a full article, a video, part of a listicle, a blog post for your company website, or an op-ed or bylined article.

The point is this: Competition for attention is tough in our 24/7 world, and you need to think about how much value you can get from even a single piece of content.

Our suggestion is to ideate a strong concept, master it and stretch it to all possible capabilities to maximize your content distribution. The more an audience sees the content, the more certain you can be that it will resonate with them.

In Summary

As technology and social media evolves, marketers will also need to adapt. These tools and platforms are important, but how you implement them strategically is the key to making a lasting impact. It’s an important step in becoming the next Breakout Brand™!

Photo: Creative Commons “Twitter’s Periscope App TODAY Show NBC” by Anthony Quintano, used under CC BY / Cropped from original


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