Ailys Toledo|Mar 6, 2019

On the heels of rbb’s Disruption Day, our company-wide retreat in which we challenged ourselves to discover new ways of thinking and bring even fresher creativity to our clients, we remain inspired to seize every opportunity and change the game for our clients.

Karl Lagerfeld, an original, iconic disruptor in fashion and consumer marketing, paired pearls and tweed, making every “It” girl want to wear them. Industry disruption is not a new concept, but linking it to sales and making it last is what truly results in good business practices.

This month, we’re rounding up our favorite disruptors that challenged the status quo, and inspired new ways of thinking and connecting.


Make ‘Once-A-Day’ Moments Matter for Campaign Inspiration

Often, marketing campaigns are planned around seasonal holidays, yearly traditions or national observance days. Now, ‘Once-a-Day’ moments (the rituals or routines a consumer finds themselves taking part in daily) are encouraging us to capitalize on the everyday routine – whether that’s sleeping, getting dressed, having breakfast, etc. – for creative campaign inspiration. (#DoingThings via AdWeek)

Effective Approaches to Reach Wellness Travelers

Travel isn’t only about Instagrammable moments, enjoying cocktails and meeting new people. The rise of popularity in self-care and wellness, personal transformation, and self-actualization in travel is not to be dismissed. Since one in four individuals desire these experiences, brands should hone in on marketing offerings like self-care holidays and wellness retreats to capture health-conscious travelers. (via Skift)Here’s what the DSW salon will look like. (Courtesy: DSW)

Here’s what the DSW salon will look like. (Courtesy: DSW)


Uncomplicated Innovation for Travelers from The Standard

Take a cue from The Standard when keeping up with the ever-evolving hotel industry: diversifying the product is key. Rather than investing in more brands catering to the next generation of travelers, The Standard is becoming more than a hotel company by banking on technology to differentiate and shape their guests’ future travel experiences. (via Fast Company)

Strategic, Curated Experiences Helps Increase the Bottom Line at DSW

Offering a broader range of goods and services is the name of the game in retail as consumers, particularly millennials, demand more experiences while they shop. Upon adding nail salon services inside more of its stores, DSW is betting on curating experiences that thrive in both a digital and real-life environment. (via St. Louis Post-Dispatch)



Disrupting the Newsfeed: Opportunities in Viral Marketing

These are the “tell me more” opportunities that make deeper connections with consumers. For example, a viral post on Facebook from a retiree about Holiday Inn had Boomers buzzing. It wasn’t long until media were sharing conversations about the perks of value-added hotel amenities and affordability, with one brand enjoying the spotlight. (via USA Today)

As in life, disrupt for best results. Contact rbb Communications’ disruption pros to discuss how your brand can shake things up.


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