Abdul Muhammad|May 12, 2015

rbb is proud to be part of the Public Relations Organization International (PROI) global network, the world’s largest partnership of independent agencies with 67 partners in approximately 100 offices in 50 countries and regions.

So we were extremely pleased when they asked for our digital perspective for the inaugural issue of the PROI Americas newsletter. We thought we’d share with you what we shared with them.

How are you and your clients embracing digital in new ways in 2015?

We believe 2015 is all about hyper mobile focus. To stay on top of the massive consumer shift to a mobile mindset, we’re becoming more aggressive with our push for mobile marketing initiatives. We also feel strongly that enterprise-wide changes are necessary to fulfill dynamic mobile programming.

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We also see an opportunity for smarter targeting across platforms. Cross platform is meeting cross device to increase conversion and ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) for digital marketing initiatives. Meaning that marketers may need to use multiple platforms and multiple message options to reach people on multiple devices.

In other words, rather than pound consumers with an identical message over and over again on mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and Facebook, we’re using behavioral data to more efficiently target consumers based on initial contact, channel AND device to minimize message fatigue and maximize conversions based on intent.

What social media platforms are you most excited about – new or old – and why?

Snapchat continues to be exciting because of the fast-paced growth of the platform and the level of creativity needed to leverage it well. It’s still like the Wild West, with lots of opportunity and still emerging rules, especially as Snapchat incorporates advertising and expands the features available for brand initiatives.

Of course, Twitter remains a critical platform for our clients because it’s where traditional media often engage and get their story ideas, and the way it has become increasingly more responsive to brand and agency engagement.

How is content generation playing a role in your digital strategy?

Content marketing is at the forefront of our strategy to create brand awareness. With each day it becomes more and more difficult to cut through the noise, stand out from the crowd, and skillfully integrate in consumers’ lives in a meaningful way. Whether its B2C or B2B, we work to craft solid integrated content marketing strategies that play across all channels.

What do you see as the #1 trend in digital for 2015?

Making customer experience (CX) the driving force behind brand engagement is going to be a critical trend for some time. We agree with the Adobe 2015 Digital Trends report observation that “businesses are marrying together datasets, technological infrastructures and operations, often for the first time, in order to provide the perfect experience for consumers.”

In our view, driving higher level CX isn’t just about focusing more on existing customer service models – it’s about doing service differently by having a focused strategy to provide a better CX across all consumer touch points, including digital.

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