Jaclyn Messina|Jan 18, 2018

Nearly 200,000 people descended upon Sin City for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest tech showcase, and I was fortunate enough to be able to check out the most innovative products, the weird gadgets, and the futuristic tech that graced the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The excitement was palpable as crowds made their way through the main halls, stopping by booth after booth. It’s nearly impossible to check out everything that companies from across the globe offered, but there were several products and technologies that really caught my eye.

I could write a book on everything that wow’ed me at CES 2018, but I did my best to narrow down what I believe will change the way we live, work, and play.

Mech racing could be a thing now

A giant transformer-like mechanical exo-skeleton loomed over the show floor standing 15-feet tall and weighing over 8,000 pounds. It was Furrion’s Prosthesis.

This isn’t a robot, but it is actually operated by a person sitting in a small cockpit, and the idea is that, one day, mech racing will be a sport.  This big mass of metal can run 20mph and even navigate through obstacles.

Futuristic cars may soon run 400 miles on a single charge

Fisker’s EMotion electric car made me stop and stare for a long time. The vehicle’s specs are even more impressive than its gorgeous design, claiming it can go 400 miles on a single charge due to its huge 140-kilowatt-hour battery pack.

Although it’s about two years away from being available to consumers, I’m excited to see if the car can actually live up to its claims, and beat out Tesla’s Model S P100D, the current electric car leader with a range of 335 miles. The EMotion is expected to come with a hefty price tag of $130,000.

5G will change our connected world

The shift from 3G to 4G was unremarkable, but the hot conversation at CES 2018 was the move into 5G, or fifth generation wireless technology.

This has the potential to change the way we live our daily lives as it is expected to make everything faster, smarter and more connected.  It will be the driving force behind advancements in VR, IoT, smart homes, smart cities, driverless cars and more.

Big players like Intel and Qualcomm showed off some of the applications, and it was exciting to see just how much our world might be transformed in the coming years.

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